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     Panzerschreck magazine was founded in 1998, and has usually published two issues per year.  Each digest-sized issue contains, in addition to wargame articles and variants, a complete game (usually two or three).  Our games have been favorably reviewed in respected magazines such as Paper Wars and Fire & Movement and Perfidious Albion, as well as on internet gaming sites, such as ConsimworldWeb Grognards, and BoardGameGeek.  It received the Charles S Roberts Award in 2003, 2004, and 2005 for Best Amateur Wargame Magazine.  Panzerschreck is edited by Gary Graber.
     For your information, a brief summary of all issues of Panzerschreck published to date is given below, beginning with issue #1 and proceeding from there.  Note that all issue games come complete with inserts for maps, unmounted counters, and other game parts, and full rules, as indicated.  All Mini-Sim games come complete with rules and components contained in the pages of the magazine; Mini-Sim components (only) must be photocopied and assembled before play. Issues #14 and #15 come with die-cut counters. 

Panzerschreck #1   (Summer 1998) 

Contents:  Opening Rounds (editorial), variants for Origins of World War II (AH), Russian Civil War (SPI), Retro Advanced Squad Leader (AH), Short Takes (short variants) on D-Day (AH), Merchant of Venus (AH), Afrika Korps (AH), Saratoga: 1777 (Rand), Origins of World War I (Dunnigan).  (28 pages)

Issue Game:  Reichstag: The Fall of Berlin  (solitaire, tactical level WW2 east front).   Components: 8.5" x 11" map, 72 counters, 22 Event cards, rules.  Description: The player (Russians) fight building to building in downtown Berlin, and must "fly the flag" over the Reichstag as quickly as possible.

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Panzerschreck #2   (Spring 1999)

Contents:  Opening Rounds, variants for Third Reich (AH), Outdoor Survival (AH), Luftwaffe (AH), Short Takes on Jutland (AH), A Mighty Fortress (SPI), Atlantic Storm (AH), Retro Advanced Squad Leader II (AH), Victory: The Blocks of War (Columbia), Retro ASL Scenario A.  (40 pages)
Issue Game:  Nuremberg: Trial of the Century (solitaire, abstract post WW2 game).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, approximately 60 counters, 36 Event cards, 12 Defendant cards, Time Record sheet, rules.  Description:  The player (prosecuting Allied powers) must convict notorious Nazi war figures, keeping a balance between conducting a fair trial, and keeping the Soviets happy with the number of convictions.

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Panzerschreck #3   (Fall 1999)

Contents:  Opening Rounds, variants for Turning Point: Stalingrad (AH), Retro Advanced Squad Leader III (AH), Short Takes on Tank Commander (MiH), B-17: Queen of the Skies (AH), Stalingrad (AH), Retro ASL Scenario B, Taking a Look at Mini-Games article.  (44 pages)

Issue Game:  Barbarossa Campaign (solitaire, strategic level WW2 east front).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, 186 counters, Economic Display, Reference Sheet, Initiative Index Track, Time Record sheet, 30 Event cards, 51 Economic chits, rules.  Description: The player (Axis) 
launches "Operation Barbarossa" in this strategic level game (quarterly turns, army sized units) that emphasizes economics.  The game covers 1941-45.

Mini-Sim game:  Cold Harbor (solitaire tactical American Civil War).  Small map, 66 counters, rules.  Description: The player (Union) makes a frontal assault against Confederate positions in the hope of achieving a breakthrough.

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Panzerschreck #4   (Summer 2000)

Contents:  Opening Rounds, variants for Victory: The Blocks of War (Columbia), Retro Advanced Squad Leader IV (AH), Barbarossa Campaign (Minden), Short Takes on Axis & AlliesKriegspielNaval WarBarbarossa Campaign, and What's in a Name? Taking a Look at Game Titles article.  (48 pages)

Issue Game #1:  Battle of the Atlantic (solitaire, operational level WW2 naval).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, 77 counters, 40 Event cards, Tally sheet,
Reference sheet, rules.  Description:  The player (German) must try and sink enough tonnage each month (monthly turns, August 1942 to May 1943) to bring Britain to her knees.

Issue Game #2:  Berchtesgaden: The Alpine Redoubt (two-player operational WW2).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, 66 counters,  rules.  Description:  Hypothetical battle in 1945 pitting Axis and Allied units in combat around the rumored "National Redoubt" in the Alps. 

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Panzerschreck #5   (Winter 2000).

Contents:  Opening Rounds, variants for Wolfpack (SPI), Operation Olympic (SPI), Berchtesgaden (Minden), Short Takes on Hitler's War (AH), Retro ASLAssault on Tobruk (SimCan), Jewish War (Khyber).  (48 pages)

Issue Game #1:  First Day of the Somme (solitaire operational WWI).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, 75 counters, 3 Roster sheets, Movement Roster sheet, Game Table sheets, rules.  Description:  The player (British) must plan and execute the Big Push of 1916, using divisional units and three hour turns. After the whistle blows, he must watch and see how his plans fare. The game simulates the battle on July 1st, 1916. 
Issue Game #2:  Dogger Bank: Battlecrusier Action in th Great War (two-player tactical naval WWI).  Components:  15 2.5" x 5/8" individual ship counters, rules.  Description:  Naval combat during the Great War between individual British and German battlecrusiers in the North Sea, January 1915.

Mini-Sim Game:  Commando Raid on Rommel (solitaire tactical WW2).  Components:  Small map, 36 counters, rules.  Description:  The player (British) executes a commando raid on the coast of North Africa in an attempt to eliminate the Desert Fox.

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Panzerschreck #6   (Summer 2001)
Contents:  Opening Rounds, variants on Hornet Leader (GMT), Red Beach One (S&T), Seven Seas to Victory (XTR), Player Notes for Battle of the Atlantic (Minden), Short Takes on Strike North
(Command), Spitfire (SPI), Blackbeard (AH), an article called Prescriptive Insanity, and Letters from the Front (letters to the editor).  (64 pages)

Issue Game #1:  Fall on Constantinople (solitaire operational medieval).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, 124 counters, Reference Card, rules.  Description:  The player (Ottoman) makes a final desperate attempt to capture Constantinople from its heroic Christian defenders, A.D. 1453.   
Issue Game #2:  Jellicoe vs Scheer (two-player tactical WWI naval).  Components: 100 2.5" x 5/8" individual ship counters, Reference Card, rules.  Description: Expansion of the Dogger Bank game system to include all British vs German naval engagements in the North Sea during World War I.  Eight scenarios, including Jutland.

Mini-Sim Game:  'Nam Diary (two-player modern tactical).  Components:  Small map, 61 counters, rules.  Description:  Jungle firefight between individual US and North Vietnamese soldiers.

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Panzerschreck #7   (Winter 2001-02)

Contents:  Opening Rounds, variants for Thunderbolt / Apache Leader (GMT), Musketeers (Task Force), Dogger Bank (Minden), Short Takes on Iwo Jima (S&T), Battle of the Bulge (AH), Oil War (SPI), Letters from the Front, and articles The Curmudgeon StrikesThe Canadian Flag in Wargaming, and Survey of DTP Wargaming.  (60 pages)
Issue Game #1:  Sacrifice in the East (two-player operational WW2).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, 87 counters, rules.  Description:  Germany tries to stave off defeat by the Soviets on the eastern front, 1945.  Corps level, bi-weekly turns.

Issue Game #2:  Andersonville (multi-player American Civil War card game).  Components:  46 Action cards, 40 Player cards, several dozen markers and chits, rules.  Description:  Euro-style game of survival and endurance, based on life in infamous Andersonville prison camp during the Civil War.  

Mini-Sim Game:  1914: Opening Moves (solitaire strategic WW1).  Components:  Small map, 42 counters, rules.  Description:  The player (Germans) plans and executes the wa inthe West, with off-board East Front strategy often the key to victory.  This is an Army level game, with 6-day turns.  

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Panzerschreck #8   (Summer 2002)
Contents:  Opening Rounds, variant for Eastern Front Solitaire (Omega), Short Takes on London's Burning (AH), Inchon (SimCan), historical article on The British Raid on Zeebrugge, 1918Interview with Charles VaseyThe Hesitation Mechanism in RetroRetro ASL Scenario ZLetters from the FrontConsolidated Panzerschreck Errata and Variants.  (60 pages)

Issue Game #1:  St. George's Valour: The British Raid on Zeebrugge (solitaire tactical WW1).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, 168 counters, rules.  Description:  Simulates the daring British (the player) raid made on German U-Boat pens in Zeebrugge, Belgium, in April 1918.  

Issue Game #2:  The Fall of Rohm (solitaire abstract political game).  Components:  8.5" x 5.5" map, several counters, rules.  Description:  The player (Natl Socialist Party) attempts to manipulate various factions and purge the S.A. to insure Hitler's succession of Hindenburg.  

Mini-Sim Game:  Goring's War (two-player tactical WW2 air combat game).  Components:  small Dogfight Display, 20 counters, rules.  Description:  Simple air-to-air combat game pitting lone British and German fighters against each other in the Battle of Britain.

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Panzerschreck#9   (Winter 2002-03)
Contents:  Opening Rounds, variants for Down in Flames (GMT), Sacrifice in the East (Minden), Short Takes on Richthofen's War (AH), Togoland 1914 (Khyber), Down in Flames (GMT), Great War at Sea (Avalanche), London's Burning (AH), a replay of Battle of the Atlantic (Minden), analysis of World War II Tactical WargamesLetters from the Front.  (68 pages)
Issue Game #1:  Battle for Bataan (two-player operational WW2).  Compoents:  8.5" x 11" map, approximately 100 counters, rules.  Description:  Regimental level game on the 1942 Japanese assault on American and Filipino forces in the Philippines.  Bi-weekly turns. 
Issue Game #2:  Escape of the Goeben (two-player tactical WW! naval).  Components:  62 2.5" x 5/8" individual ship counters, game markers, rules.  Description:  Expansion of the Jellicoe vs Scheer game system (not necessary for play) to the Mediterranean and Black Sea.  Includes dreadnought fleets of major Allied and Central Powers nations during the Great War.
Mini-Sim Game #1:  La Bataille de York 1813 (solitaire tactical 1812 game).  Components:  Small map, 20 counters, rules.  Description:  The player (British) tries to turn back the American invasion near York (afterwards, Toronto) during the War of 1812.

Mini-Sim Game #2:  Siege of Leningrad (solitaire abstract WW2 game).  Components: Small map, 29 counters, rules.  Description:  Sub-titled Logistics Module I,  the player (Soviets) tries to keep Leningrad from falling during the famous 900 day World War II siege.

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Panzerschreck #10  (Summer 2003)
Contents:  Opening Rounds, variant for Invasion America (SPI), historical campaign game variant for Escape of the Goeben (Minden), Interview with Art Lupinacci, Extra Counters and Options for Streets of Stalingrad (L2), variant for Raid on St. Nazaire (AH),  additional rules for Jellicoe vs Scheer  system (Minden), Letters from the FrontShort Takes on Warsaw Pact (Jagdpanther), Global War (SPI), Carrier (Victory), Siege of Leningrad (Minden), Observation Post (reviews).  (60 pages)
Issue Game #1:  Operation Typhoon (two-player operational WW2).  Components:  8.5" x 11" map, approx. 120 counters, rules.  Description:  Corps/army level game on the German drive on Moscow, late 1941.  Weekly turns, with rules covering leaders, weather, air units, and several "what ifs".
Issue Game #2:  Sniper Attack (solitaire WW2 card game). Components:  Rules, reference card (requires standard deck of playing cards).  Description:  Simple solitaire game where you control an individual sniper and try to eliminate enemy soldiers while staying alive yourself.  
Supplement #1:  Jellico/Goeben Supplement (WW1 naval) adds the American, Japanese, and Russian Baltic Fleets of the Great War period.  Includes 44 ship counters (22 US, 14 Japanese, 8 Russian), plus additional optional rules.  (Requires ownership of  Jellicoe vs Scheer or Escape of the Goeben to play)
Supplement #2:  106 additional, unmounted counters for Streets of Stalingrad (L2).  Designed by Art Lupinacci, these counters are: Moved (x28), No Fire (x20), Pavlov's House (x1, with variant rule), Dismounted Russian (x12), Balka (x12), Opportunity Fired (x18), Non-Phasing Opportunity Fired (x12), errata counter (x3).  (Requires ownership of Streets of Stalingrad, 3rd ed., to use.)

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         Panzerschreck #11 (Winter 2003-04)

Contents:  Opening Rounds; variant for Divine Wind (Meldrum), Matters of Space and Time (Werbaneth); Rules vs Instructions (Graber); ASL Campaign Games ala Retro (Signore); Game Publishing Insights (Lupinacci); Letters from the FrontShort Takes on Dieppe, B-17; Observation Post thumbnail reviews of Lock n' Load, Battlelines, Battlecards; Consolidated Errata for Panzerschreck/Minden Games.  (64 pages)

Issue Game #1:  Panzers in the Southeast (two-player operational WW2).  Contents:  8.5" x 11" map, 54 color counters, Reference Card, rules.  Description:  Corps/ army level game, two turns per month, Germany vs USSR in late 1944 to April 1945 in SE Europe.  Uses variable turn sequence, special rules for panzers, oil/refinery hexes, and some play variants. Designed by Pieter de Wilde.
Issue Game #2:  QAR: Quick Armor Rules (two-player tactical miniatures game, N. Africa WW2).  Contents:  Rules, Reference Card, game markers, and 60 1.5" British, German, and Italian tank and anti-tank gun counters.  Desciption:  Tactical game covering individual tank vs tank combat, using simple sequence of play.  Includes Stuarts, Matildas, Grants, Crusaders, Valentines, 2 pdrs, 6 pdrs,25 pdrs (British), PzIIIh, PzIIIj, PzIVe, 28/20 PAK, 50 PAK, 88 Flak (German), and M13/40, Semovente, Breda 47 (Italian) counters.   Game includes 14 scenarios set in early World War II North Africa, with plenty of scope for design your own scenarios.  Includes several optional rules.  Designed by Gary Graber.
Mini-Sim Game:  Sink the Tirpitz (solitaire operational WW2).  Simple game where the player (British) tries to sink the famous WW2 German battleship.  Designed by James Gordon.

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Panzerschreck #12 (Summer 2004)  

Issue games:  Drive on Leningrad (two-player WW2), Masada Mini-Sim (solitaire ancients), and Invasion Mini-Sim (reprint of 19th c. two-player wargame).

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Panzerschreck #13 (Winter 2004)

Issue games:  Tsaritsyn (two-player Russian Civil War, 1919), Assault on Cherbourg (two-player post-D-Day WW2), and Graf Spee Mini-Sim (Battle of the River Plate, tactical WW2 naval).

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Panzerschreck #14 (Summer 2005)

Issue games:  Race to the Vistula (two-player WW2), Brandy Station (two-player American Civil War), and The Mighty Hood Mini-Sim (tactical WW2 naval).  This issue comes with die-cut counters.

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Panzerschreck #15 (Summer 2006)

Issue games:  Mortain 1944 (two-player WW2), North Sea Campaign (two-player WWI naval), Hippodome (multi-player chariot racing), and Raid on Schweinfurt (solitaire WW2 air combat).  This issue comes with die-cut counters.

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Panzerschreck Anthology (Summer 2008)

Issue games:  Madagascar 1942 (solitaire WW2), Sniper Attack (from Pzsk #10), Masada (from Pzsk #12), Retro Infantry Core Rules.

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